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Portable Handheld Power quality analyzer

Mi550 handheld three phase power quality analyzer, externally connected with open type Rogowski coil or voltage type CT, it can realize none dismantling wire test, simplify test steps, save construction cost, and is more convenient for engineering test as well as the inspection and maintenance of distribution system.

-Support systems of single-phase and three-phase. It can measure multiple electrical parameters such as current, voltage, power factor, power, energy, and power quality parameters including harmonic, unbalance degree, voltage swell and voltage dip, etc.

-In addition to the measurement function, Mi550 is equipped with various records, such as waveform records and programmable interval measurement value records. To store and record data, it is internally embedded 32 GB memory card.

-With standard configuration of RJ45 Ethernet communication interface, through standard Modbus TCP protocol, it is compatible with various configuration systems and could transmit the electrical parameters collected by the front end to the system data center in real time. 



Product name
Model No. Mi550
Type Handheld Three phase power quality analyzer
Application field
Application field Power analysis, Power measurement, Power quality analysis
Wiring mode
Wiring system 3P4W_4CT
Current sensor Rogowski coil
Voltage-output current clamp
Voltage access Direct access
Connected through voltage transformer
Type TF card
Capacity 32GB
Data export U disk export (U disk file is FAT32 system)
Interface RJ45- Ethernet
Protocol Modbus-TCP
Power Supply
Adapter input 5VDC, 2A
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery, specification 18650, 2 pcs, capacity about 4000mAh
Battery purely working time ≥6h
Battery charging time (off state) ≤5h
Power saving mode The brightness of the screen backlight is adjustable.
The automatic screen off time is adjustable.
Size 3.97 inch
Type IPS display
Resolution ratio 480*800
Dimention 215*130*60mm
Weight 850g
Working environment Temperature-20℃~+55, Humidity below 90% RH
Storage environment Temperature-40℃~+70, Humidity below 95% RHnon-condensing
Altitude ≤2km
Measurement category CAT III 600V
IP code IP30 

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